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Learn How the Twitter Social Networking Site can Benefit You

Twitter now has 10 million people using it worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing social networks today and is starting to have an enormous impact on how internet marketers are networking and doing business online. There are many celebrities also using Twitter and they have a huge following amongst their fans.

So what exactly is Twitter?
Twitter is a social media service that describes itself as “a way for people to connect through a quick exchange of ideas”. The messages are referred to as tweets and they cannot be longer than 140 characters maximum and you can basically discuss anything that enters your mind. All the conversations start with the phrase “what are you doing”? But your messages don’t need to be only about what you are doing.These messages can be viewed by anybody on Twitter who visits your page. Messages can be seen also on the pages of anyone who has elected to follow you. When they log into their own page, anything that you might have …

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Relevancy and Link Popularity Explained

How does a web page get ranked #1 on Google? There is no doubt that the methods of the 1990s no longer work - and most definitely, not since Google went public in 2004.

Back then, the content of your website's pages was the major factor. Today, however, having links on the Internet that point back to your website is another important criteria, which will require that you involve yourself in the Internet community.

The later point is a very interesting to consider. How do you involve yourself in the Internet community? What does this have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)? Actually, involving yourself in the Internet community doesn't directly have anything to do with SEO; however, many people seem to pigeon hole anything related to the search engines into SEO. Therefore, we will need to define the various acronyms that are used in the Internet industry.

The Internet has also created an environment in which institutional control of information has been lost. As a result,…