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Blended Search Optimization

Apparently, “blended” search results are becoming all the rage. That is, search results containing images, videos, and news, Blogs, and reference results on the same page.As with New trends coming upstream and heading there way right on the target to get good results. Thus 2007 saw some interesting developments with the search engine results pages. Google in fact introduced their Universal Search incorporating things such as video, image results, book results, news results, blog results and the like.

Recent Study:The study found that 31 percent of users are now clicking images, with twice as many searchers aged 18–34 clicking them compared with those over 35. 17 percent are clicking on videos. The most frequently clicked vertical within blended search is news.While Google kicked off the blended results craze nearly a year ago, and MSN and Yahoo followed suit later in 2007, newbie’s and are among the blended search engines trying to find a toe-hold in Google’s wo…