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What Is “Targeted Traffic” - How Can It Improve Your Sales?

One thing all webmasters need is traffic to their website, without it your site may as well not exist, but all too often webmaster concentrate on all other expects of running their site
and the actual marketing of the site takes a back seat.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best widgets in the world and you’re giving them away for free, if no one is seeing your site, then you wont give any away, never mind sell one.

There are many ways to market a website, some free, some inexpensive and some very costly, one method is to “buy” visitors, but not just any visitors will do, it’s no good people
looking for cheap flights seeing your snowboarding site as it’s just not relevant to them.

For traffic to be effective it needs to be “targeted” i.e. people who are looking for your product or service right now when they’re ready to make a buying decision, but how does this

How do the companies supplying this traffic know its “targeted”, well what they do is buy up lots of expired domains, these d…